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What are the special aspects of marketing website construction?

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Following the rapid development of the Internet, the e-commerce industry also emerged from time to time. The company's product marketing format has also changed a lot. From traditional offline marketing to online marketing website construction and promotion, the emphasis on online marketing and The proportion of investment has also become more prominent. However, because the traditional industry lacks relevant experience and knowledge about Internet marketing, or has insufficient comprehensive views on Internet marketing, the imbalance between input and output results in unsatisfactory revenue. Here we come to find solutions with everyone:


First, we must have a fundamental view and understanding of network marketing and marketing website construction. Marketing website refers to the concept of modern online marketing in the Internet era. In view of the company's marketing goals, the company's official website planning plan, marketing The website construction should have a search engine friendly presentation and a good experience for visitors. It can effectively use a variety of marketing methods to obtain trade opportunities. It can help improve the sales performance of products and the company's brand reputation. It is the official website of a company with marketing functions.

2. It is often said that everything is difficult at the beginning. To do a good marketing site, you must start from the beginning of the website construction, and plan with the marketing promotion as the starting point. You must consider marketing in every production step and production link. The functional requirements make the corporate website not only a company's official website with marketing functions but also help to optimize the promotion characteristics. Let ’s talk about the special features of the marketing website construction with the editor of Hongyuntong.

3. The page planning of the marketing website should be planned and planned collectively according to the characteristics of different companies and his goals;

(1) The overall structure of the company's official website and the reasonable layout and organic union between the pages are maintained. The web pages are kept uniform and the messages are easy to understand. When customers enter the site, they can see what the company does and can see Find the product or service you need right at your fingertips.

(2) Ensure stable and fluent Internet speeds, and ensure that corporate websites open quickly and stably in different regions. For this reason, the editor of Hongyuntong proposed: use as little flash and a large number of pictures as possible for the content of the corporate website; or, under the condition, the CDN of the server space of the official website of the enterprise should be accelerated to meet the reading speed of customers in different regions

(3) The company's official website must be well-documented on the site's ICP, showing as much as possible the company's qualification certificates, business licenses, honorary certificates and other relevant documents; it will help improve the company's website credit and customers' trust in the company.

Fourth, marketing websites must focus on how to better improve the conversion rate;

(1) Everyone knows that the online marketing communication methods are mainly real-time tools such as communication, email, and online QQ. Therefore, a contact method must be set in a prominent position on the page, which can facilitate customer consultation and better contact. communicate with. If conditions permit, you can also open the 400 national toll-free hotline, which can not only save communication costs for customers and enhance the consulting hobby, but also improve the corporate image.

(2) In-depth analysis of the status and needs of visitors can be made through the data collected by the company's official website statistics system and materials such as online surveys or customer messages, online customer service and other marketing tools, and make corresponding marketing strategy adjustments and improvements , And then timely understand the needs of customers and solutions to problems. ?

V. Website construction companies should consider the friendly configuration with search engines everywhere:

(1) Please use DIV CSS architecture for marketing website programming (Programming). The front desk is all html static or pseudo-static web pages.

(2) There must be an intelligent separate site background management system, which can delete and add keywords such as keyword configuration and title tags on any webpage, so as to facilitate the addition and modification of site-wide content management and maintenance. These are all Conducive to website construction in marketing promotion optimization.

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