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Only by learning these lessons can your CRM succeed

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Most domestic companies generally only focus on the success rate of CRM, but rarely focus on the reasons for its failure. In fact, these valuable experiences are what companies really need to understand and remember.

With the popularization of information technology and the Internet, CRM systems are gradually accepted by enterprises, and most companies are still in the initial stage of construction. Aside from product technology and price issues, the following summarizes the common reasons for failure of corporate CRM implementation projects and the countermeasures that companies should take:


One: data standardization

The key to CRM is data, including customers, orders, products, and contracts. However, a great deal of information must come from the same data source in the right format and at the right time. Therefore, a CRM-centric data source is established to ensure the correctness of the data.

Two: No. 1 project

Each department is its own stand, placing its own CRM needs above the overall CRM needs of the enterprise. Do not listen to the command, and the worst part is that the CRM of the department and the enterprise is completely synchronized. Therefore, the company's on-line CRM strategy must be formally determined by the top management. The senior manager responsible for CRM will be appointed, and relevant rules and regulations will be formulated and strictly implemented.

Three: Lack of a reliable implementation plan

Without a blueprint prepared in advance, CRM deployment cannot be performed manually. However, many companies make mistakes in their CRM plans while still not considering the long-term goals of CRM. Party A and Party B must unify their strategic goals, establish a high-end CRM project implementation plan, and publish it widely in the enterprise. And truly integrate CRM into the corporate development strategy and formulate long-term deployment plans.

Four: Barrier-free communication

The purpose of an online CRM system for an enterprise is to meet current and future needs, not just existing internal issues. For example, sales automation technology should simplify the process of sales and customers, but the company is only used to improve sales channel reporting. Therefore, customers must be fully involved in the entire CRM implementation and deployment process, and maintain communication at all times in order to find project problems in a timely manner, and both parties work together to resolve, correct, and move towards the goal to ensure that the project benefits.

Five: On-line training is crucial

There is no budget to compensate for the harm caused by the CRM project's liability to unskilled or untrained employees.

For CRM project training users, provide CRM concepts and product training to effectively communicate with customers.

Both sides often ignore internal execution, and employee training is very important, which is the main way to improve the success rate of the project.

The development of an enterprise requires good management, good management needs good tools, and good management of customers can be effective, so that the enterprise can be valuable. Xiamen Nancy Technology CRM research and development, the product adhering to the CRM concept of customization and change as needed To enable decision makers to implement management ideas into products at any time, it is the best tool for decision makers to handle customer management.

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