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Will ICP and EDI operating licenses affect the development of mall website technology?

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A few days ago, an old customer rushed to call for consultation and said that his friend bought a mall website from a company in Shanghai, and now they are required to do ICP and EDI business licenses. Without these two certificates, their system cannot Development, customer friends, because they did not understand the relationship between this certificate and the technology development of the mall, they had to find someone to consult and understand.


Today I will explain the relationship between them:

1. ICP and EDI business licenses are a country that, upon review, according to the Telecommunication Regulations of the People's Republic of China and relevant national regulations, allows your company to operate value-added telecommunications services in accordance with the contents of this business license (text and annexes) "Certificate of Authorization". Therefore, this certificate will only have an impact when the website of the mall is launched to a first-level website or a third-party platform.

2. The ICP and EDI business licenses are documents obtained by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and have nothing to do with the technical development of the online company's mall website.

3. The state has an information platform or mall platform that requires the Internet to apply for an ICP or EDI business license, and different website types have different licenses and the number of cases.

4. Mall websites generally apply for EDI business licenses; but if there is information data or video data in it, you also need to apply for an ICP business license and a radio and television program production business license; different industries such as medical equipment, food There will be more documents to wait for, so you need to find professional staff for consultation. Since some ports are not mandatory, some mall websites can be operated without handling them. Third-party platforms require documents to be released.

5. The online business license application is not as convenient as the ICP filing on our website. Therefore, you need to find a third-party professional company to handle these certificates. The price ranges from 5,000 to 10,000; the application time for the certificate is 35-60 working days are more.


As a mall website development service provider, we also believe that as it becomes more and more convenient to apply for a license, every mall platform operator hopes that the certificates are complete and put into operation with confidence; so we also hope that the country can increase service outlets in this regard. Reduce the burden on enterprises and allow the mall platform to be quickly put into operation.

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