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Nezha sued for plagiarism: plaintiff claims 50 million, claims cyber violence

南希动态 2019-11-13 News from Nancy 100 share it Client, Beijing, November 12 (Reporter Song Yusheng) The copyright dispute between "Five-dimensional Memory" and "Nazi's Devil's Birth to the World", which has attracted much public opinion, has recently been brought to court.

The reporter was informed that the Beijing Intellectual Property Court on the 11th accepted a dispute between China Film Huateng (Beijing) Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. v. Yang and Beijing Guangguang Film Industry Co., Ltd. for infringing on the rights to adapt, reproduce and distribute the works.


Screenshot of WeChat from Beijing Intellectual Property Court.

Plaintiff claims 50 million

The plaintiff, China Film Huateng, claims that it enjoys the copyright of the script and stage play of "Five-dimensional Memory", which has been publicized and exhibited since its creation.

China Film Huateng believes that "Nazi's Devil's Birth", jointly produced by Yang as a screenwriter and director, and six companies including Beijing Light Film Industry Co., Ltd., is related to its character design, storyline, and production elements. There are a lot of similarities or similarities in the Memory of Wei, infringing on the right to adapt, reproduce and distribute the works.


A poster of "Nazi's Witch Child".

On August 22 this year, China Film Huateng held a press conference to publicly explain the above matters and issued a "Lawyer Statement". None of the defendants responded positively, but the plaintiff and the main creators encountered cyber violence and reputation infringement and continue to this day. "The defendant obtained huge profits for the infringement, but the plaintiff bears huge public pressure and rights protection costs."

Therefore, China Film Huateng sued to the Beijing Intellectual Property Court and requested the defendant to stop the infringement immediately, publish a statement to eliminate the impact, jointly compensate for economic losses of 50 million yuan and bear a reasonable cost of 1 million yuan.


Screenshot of the movie "The Child of Nezha".

Nearly 5 Billion Box Office

In July this year, the movie "The Child of Nezha" was released. The film does not repeat the myths and legends in everyone's impressions, but tells the story of Nezha, who was "born as a demon", but "fought against the sky to the end".

Talking about the source of inspiration for this work, the film director Dumpling revealed to the reporter of Zhongxinwang in an exclusive interview, "Because I originally studied medicine and switched to animation, I also encountered many prejudices and bumps in the pursuit of my ideal .It was so hard to get a chance to make a big movie, and I wanted to do a theme that reversed destiny and broke stereotypes. "

3 4.jpg

Director of Dumplings of "The Child of Nezha".

From Dumpling's perspective, the story of Nezha fits this theme.

"We screened a lot of images of classical Chinese mythology, and thought that Nezha was a taciturn, rebellious and daring young hero, so we decided to use him to carry this theme," he said.


Screenshot of the box office of Chinese movies.

The movie was well received after it was released. As of November 10, "The Child of Nezha" has ranked second in the total box office of Chinese films, with a box office of nearly 5 billion yuan.

Some media commented that "Nazi's Witch Child" has raised the "ceiling" of Chinese animated films to an incredible height.


Screenshot of the movie "The Child of Nezha".

"Plagiarism" controversy

But then came the doubts of China Film Huateng.

China Film Huateng said via Weibo that "Nazi's Witch Child" is suspected of plagiarizing his work "Five-Dimensional Memory".

According to reports, "Five-Dimensional Memory" is a series of performance projects produced by China Film Huateng in 2016. The work is divided into multiple versions according to different performance scenes. Among them, the allegedly copied work is a 90-minute immersive sitcom with an original Chinese story in the form of "non-heritage" art performance.

It is said that during the production of the play, "After 2 years of pre-examination, the script story of 2 years has been carefully polished, and then from casting to arrangement, music production, digital content production, costume modeling, prop production, and various technologies Synthesizing, hundreds of people team has made countless hard work for it, "and has been officially performed for 3 years.


Screenshot of China Film Huateng Weibo.

Netizens discussed after the news was released. But since then, China Film Huateng has published a statement saying, "Because of the protection of intellectual property rights, we have suffered another organized, planned and large-scale cyber violence attack."


Screenshot of China Film Huateng Weibo.

On November 12, China Film Huateng posted a notice of acceptance of the case on Weibo and stated that "Beijing Intellectual Property Court has formally infringed on the film" Nazi's Devil Child "for allegedly plagiarizing the" Five-dimensional Memory "creative show. File a case. " (Finish)



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