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What makes users who visit websites crazy?

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User experience is the standard of website construction, and it is also a problem that Nancy website construction company has always said. In website construction, every website pays attention to user experience, so there are many things that will make users who visit the website crazy. What is it? ?

First, the pop-up box

Take the actual experience of a small editor, when I visit a website, I will see an invitation to consult them box, but we do not automatically pop up, but there is an online consultation button in the lower right corner, click to directly and The website customer service communicates the relevant content of the website construction, but some websites have set an auto-popup invitation box, and it still pops up repeatedly, which is very annoying.

There are also websites that are opened, followed by pop-ups of advertisements. Sometimes clicking the close button will still jump to an advertisement page, which is even more annoying. If it is you, when you visit a website, there are always irrelevant advertisements popping up. Do you say you are crazy?

Dead links, page 404

I don't know if you have encountered this situation, that is, when you search for a long-tail keyword, and then the search engine displays the articles included, but when you click, you find that there are no details to display. For example, when you browse a website, you see the title of an article, and you feel that it fits your needs or is very interested. But when you click to visit, it gives you a 404. Do you say you are crazy?

Third, browsing speed

When a user visits your website, it takes a long time to fully load a page, so do you think this visitor will stay on your website? Think about it, now it is the era of 5G, everything is speeding up, but your website is Turtle Speed, so do you think this user will be crazy?

Chaotic navigation

If the structure of the website is chaotic, and the navigation is more chaotic, users cannot quickly find what they want to know, or the user is lost in the website during the process of visiting the website, and cannot reach the website according to the large navigation of the website. Relevant content pages can't clearly find the way back, so will users who visit your website get crazy?

In fact, there are many factors that affect the user experience of the website. These are just the editors I encountered, and many more that I haven't encountered? Not much to say, just the above, if you encountered it, would you be crazy?

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