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Website construction grasp these 3 points, traffic is indispensable!

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In the process of website operation, SEO is a very important part. If you want your website to bring traffic, you must highlight the core content according to the website attributes.

First, accurate keyword library

If you want to highlight the core content of your website, you must prepare a comprehensive library of relevant content materials. For example, writing an SEO copy requires the following steps:

(1) List keywords: According to the professional content that can be provided, list a large number of industry-related keywords. You can refer to competitors and summarize them one by one.

(2) Expand keywords: Second, expand based on the specific keywords that have been listed, mainly with keyword mining tools, similar to Baidu Index and related webmaster tools.

(3) Filter keywords: When we get this part of keywords, you may need to go to coarse and fine, common operations, simple filtering based on keyword search volume, and then sort according to the degree of competition.

Finally, it is reasonable to produce the core content and publish it in relevant columns according to a certain website update frequency.

Second, the station display exposure

Based on the content exposure within the site, we can refer to the following strategies:

(1) Eye-catching position: The more common ones include the homepage SEO navigation, sidebar advertising space, the banner at the bottom of the content page, and the top of the column page.

(2) Thematic matrix: Create a thematic matrix of core content, using a large amount of high-quality content, and enrich the small topics of the core content. It can also be a thematic matrix.

(3) Internal link recommendation: In related long tail content, use obvious hyperlink font color, recommend relatively core content, and increase the probability of clicking.

(4) Guided search: Use guided search reasonably. For example, we often talk about the word everywhere, but rarely talk about the concept of the word five. We use this strategy to try to guide the retrieval of relevant core content.

Third, with off-site promotion

(1) Traffic exchange: we can try to divert core content free of charge through off-site. Traffic swap was a common form of early online promotion. Although it gradually faded out of people's attention, one of the more common strategies is the swap of advertising resources.

(2) Media promotion: Based on media promotion, it usually has the characteristics of accurate traffic and high conversion, such as: Fantong, etc. The core content of the website, as the entrance to the traffic, can attract users to stay, but at the same time, we need to consider reasonable Do traffic distribution inside the station.

(3) Out-of-chain voting: Of course, the so-called out-of-chain voting is, of course, based on the perspective of SEO, using high-quality links to improve the search ranking of relevant core content, thereby making the target content more likely to get more traffic.

(4) Word-of-mouth marketing: Word-of-mouth marketing based on core content, we usually use the advantages of KOL to quickly obtain high-quality traffic of target content in a short period of time. Therefore, for website construction, it is not always focused on technology. When you are good at using your network resources.

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