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Does the increasing demand for mobile website construction mean that the PC is no longer important?

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With mobile Internet + today, more and more customers attach importance to the construction of mobile website. With the rise of mobile internet, is it not important to build a website on the PC?

Nancy thinks otherwise. Although the rise of the mobile Internet, more and more people like to use their mobile phones or iPads to browse websites, but after all, many websites are more comfortable, intuitive and obvious on computers. And now that more websites are still considering both PC and mobile dual-end business, it seems that they no longer have much interest in traditional PC websites.

Nancy talked about the mobile website, although it realized WeChat scan to enter the public account, and then you can enter the company's website in the public account. Nowadays, users spend more time using mobile phones than using computers. In comparison, mobile websites are more important. However, although mobile is convenient, there are still many shortcomings. For a simple chestnut, Meitu Xiuxiu believes that many people are using it, especially beautiful women. They can simply process some photos, but to be more perfect, you need to use a computer. PS software can achieve the effect! Although mobile is convenient, there are some disadvantages.

Although most of us use mobile phones to check information daily, we mostly use computers every day at work, so many customers who want to develop websites need to understand that when a website construction company wants to do corporate website construction, Learn about a website building company through the PC, and see many cases of website building companies. Because a lot of things don't look perfect on mobile. Only through the PC can a more complete experience be available.

Finally, one thing Nancy wants to explain is that although users can determine their needs, they are not the trend. It cannot be said that users who use mobile phones to browse more often give up the construction of PC-side websites, and the responsive website construction can be said to be a good solution. In response to this problem, Xiamen Nanxi Company is a comprehensive Internet service provider for more than ten years, and it is also the most recruited high-end custom development of responsive website. This development mode allows your website to be able to be used on PC or mobile. Fully automatically adapts to screen size. Makes you lose any customer.

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