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Briefly describe the main functions of China's 5G technology!

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At present, for the computer network industry, many terminal technology users hope that they can have the latest network and network speed. The arrival of the 5G network era can be said to make up for some software such as smart watches, fitness wristbands, and smart home devices. Upgrade, today, the original pioneer simply summarizes the technical features of the future 5G era, let's take a look! This is a description briefly describing the main functions of China's 5G technology!


1.Transfer rate

The transmission rate of 5G networks in the future can reach 10Gbps, which means that mobile phone users can download a high-definition movie in less than a second.

5G network means super fast data transmission speed. In May 2013, Samsung announced that its upcoming 5G technology was capable of transmitting more than 1G of data per second. Relatively speaking, the relatively fast LTE network can transmit about 60M of data per second, which is equivalent to about 0.05G. This wireless network speed will be much faster than you can experience with any smartphone. Google claims that even at a speed of 1G per second, it can download a full HD movie in less than two minutes.

2.Smart devices

The biggest improvement seen in 5G networks is its flexibility to support a variety of different devices. In addition to supporting mobile phones and tablets, 5G networks will also need to support wearable devices such as fitness trackers and smart watches, and smart home devices such as bird's nest indoor thermostats.

Network link

5G networks must not only support more data, but also support more usage. For 5G networks, improving end-to-end performance will be another major issue. End-to-end performance refers to the connection between the wireless network of the smartphone and the server searching for information.

4.Battery life

Next-generation wireless networks will also lead to a dramatic reduction in battery life for smartphones and mobile devices. Because there are many smaller tasks that require applications to run non-stop. The email application repeatedly sends request information to the server to check for new emails.

The fifth-generation mobile communication network has a peak theoretical transmission speed of 10Gb per second, which is hundreds of times faster than the transmission speed of 4G networks. The arrival of this great moment will not only produce qualitative results for the lives of the majority of netizens Impact, and will have a profound impact on human development and social progress.

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