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Impact of social media

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In the context of the Internet today, social media sites have been the biggest highlight of the Internet in recent years. Some even said,

Searching on social media sites is going to replace search on search engines, because more and more people spend all day on social media sites,

These user interactions, relatives and friends, joy and sorrow, and daily needs are all tied to social media sites.


Whether social media can replace search engines and become the most mainstream Internet business application is hard to say, but it is undeniable that social media websites are indeed the biggest hit of the current Internet.

或话题,然后用户在自己的网站、博客上再次讨论和提到你的网站,从而带来链接。 It can be said that where users can easily leave the URL, social media sites have taken precautions to prevent SEO from leaving links normally, so the use of social media sites to build external links is indirect and requires social media. Get other users to follow your brand, product, or topic, and then users will discuss and mention your site again on their own websites and blogs, leading to links.

When marketing on social media websites, the most important thing is to interact with other users, build brand awareness, help spread word of mouth, and accumulate powerful social media website accounts with many followers. When the website has new topics and products Time, a Weibo or a sentence. 他们的二次推动能使信息迅速传播开来,通过这种方式,我们文章的链接会出现在更多的网站上,从而会 带来更多的流量,长远来看却能影响排名和SEO效果。 Posts can be quickly communicated to thousands of people, including some influential people on the Internet, and people who manage their own websites and blogs. Their second promotion can quickly spread the information. In this way, Links to our articles will appear on more websites, which will lead to more traffic, but in the long run can affect rankings and SEO performance.

So we can pay more attention to some high-traffic websites, bring effective traffic to our website through other channels, increase our brand exposure, and let more people understand the information is important.

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