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How to do a good website design when building a website

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How to do a good website design? With the continuous development of network technology, network applications have penetrated into all corners of human society. Websites, which are the supporting points of the online world, are even more popular: the government uses websites to promote its own policy platform. Increasingly become a direct train to communicate with the people; companies use websites to promote their own images and explore unlimited business opportunities; individuals use websites to show their personality and create a bridge to communicate with each other.

How to do website design well?

More and more people want to own a website and open up a world in the online world. How to design an excellent website? People have discussed a lot about this issue, and there are a lot of things that can be discussed. In addition, the rapid development of network technology is very It is difficult to come up with an absolutely authoritative and correct design idea, any website is based on the following design ideas:

1.The details and colors of the website will cause a visual impact to the visitors as a whole, such as blue, green, etc. will give a calm atmosphere. When designing the website, you can mix colors and graphics appropriately. , Pictures, creating a strong atmosphere and feelings, will give visitors a deep impression.

2.There must be a sense of hierarchy in the design of the website. Each product must be placed in a certain order to guide visitors. Don't let visitors click through the website in order to find a product. To avoid confusion, you can guide visitors through links and navigation menus. Visitors are reminded on the page so that they can buy products and services with just a few clicks. By reducing the number of clicks by visitors, it can effectively reduce the frustration of visitors and increase the conversion rate from visitors to members.

3. It is necessary to focus on the content of the website (content is king) to ensure that the content of the website is sorted in an effective way. If you only focus on the visual experience of the website, and thus ignore the content, then the visitors will not be converted into loyal members. It will be very high.If you want visitors to buy products or services, you need simple and comfortable content, three-dimensional information structure and easy to understand content.

4. Turn yourself into a visitor. What does the visitor come to your website? What does he want? The website must not only meet his needs, but more importantly, meet the needs of visitors. What do you want to know? It is what the visitor wants.You can do a questionnaire survey and adjust the website design based on the results of the survey to meet the needs of visitors and their needs.

5. To make the website look as simple and generous as possible, this is the ultimate goal. For example: Google, Flickr, Blogger, etc. are very simple and beautiful. When adding each feature, please consider the needs of visitors! Think of it as Your goal.

How to do a good website design? The editor of Nanning website construction Liluo Technology pointed out: If the theme has been determined, you can give the website a name around the theme. The website name is also a part of the website design, and it is a key element.

How to do good website design? Website design adheres to the basic principles:

Even if you don't understand HTML, you just need to buy a copyrighted WYSIWYG web design tool, such as Adobe PageMill or Microsoft FrontPage Express, to create a website that looks reasonable. However, when designing these, Although the package does not require HTML, it slows down the website. In order to successfully design a website, you must understand how HTML works. Most website designers recommend that novice web users should find answers from books about HTML and use Notepad to make them. Web page.

Learn HTML

Designing a website with HTML can control the entire design process. However, if you are just new to website design, you should look for a software package that allows you to modify HTML. HomeSite4 is a good web design tool. During the design process, HomeSite4 Can help you learn HTML. It also allows you to switch to WYSIWYG mode so that you can preview your website before sending it to the Web.

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