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How much influence original content has on website SEO optimization

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In many cases, our team's original content is highly respected, but this does not mean that the website must have original content, and SEO cannot do without original content. Good reprinted content can also optimize the website, too much emphasis on original content will cause some misunderstandings for some novices. Sometimes, original content does not necessarily have to be faster than seo optimization for non-original content.

The website is a whole. When preparing a website, we must have detailed plans for all aspects of the entire website. If the website is very prominent in other aspects, it is not so important whether the content inside is original. However, the website must have its own characteristics. If a website does not have any characteristics, it is very difficult to improve the ranking.


When it comes to original and non-original content, it is not possible to speak independently of the frequency of updates. Regarding the update frequency of articles, whether it is original content or not, as long as it is valuable and cooperates with a certain update frequency, the value of the content can be fully reflected.

The search engine also insists on the unique aspect of the content, not original. So what is unique content? I don't think the content is actually a single piece of content, but it should contain a series of related information. For example, the usefulness and richness of the content. If the usefulness and richness of your website content are better than other websites, it is not so important whether the content is original. For example, the credibility of the content is not high, how to improve this credibility, how to establish this credibility. As long as the credibility of the content is established, and users are more confident in the content you post, it is not so important whether the content is original. Another example is the quality of the content. The quality of the content is good or bad. If the quality of your website content is relatively high, of course, this quality statement is not well judged, basically including the content mentioned above. But as long as the quality of the content is available, it is not that important.

Between original and non-original content, there is also pseudo-original. The emergence of pseudo-original is not caused by search engines. Find out the content of an article by others, and then modify it according to the general meaning of the article. The self-media is very hot now, and a lot of the content of the self-media is laundering. The emergence of false originals certainly has certain benefits. If you specialize in pseudo-original, then from the search engine, website seo is also valuable. But if you want to say the value to the growth of the website, then it must be relatively harmful.

For example, if the good content on your site is someone else's manuscript to do the manuscript. First of all, your brand is difficult to build, trust is definitely difficult to build, and professionalism cannot be formed. Second, the more you write, the more bloggers in the industry will surely verbally write, and it will be harder for you to survive in this industry.

However, if it is a corporate website that is targeted at customers, and the customers do not pay much attention to this area, then there may be no problems in this area.

Of course, original content can still play a very good role in optimizing website seo optimization, but it is not as important as many people say, and it is not as important as expected.

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