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Excellent website design in website construction comes from good communication

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No matter how many years the website is built, designing an excellent webpage with originality is also a matter of hard thinking. In the process of website design, the feedback from customers is high, and they cooperate with the website construction company very actively. Therefore, the design efficiency and quality will be much higher than other websites. But now that the websites are all very beautiful and the users ’aesthetics have become picky, how to make a website that is innovative and satisfying users is a big challenge. But after all, website demanders do n’t know much about websites and design. Original website design is a key to open the door to their creativity.

Understand the needs of customers in order to design a website that better matches the customer's positioning. Element 1, the project's main purpose, project duration, project focus, and other basic project information; Element 2: product positioning, selling points, target customers, business scope, and other product information; Element 3, company profile, contact information, scale, nature, etc. Basic information of the client company; element four, the project leader's expectations of the webpage style, the person's aesthetic orientation, etc .; element five, other supplementary conditions. Wuhan Feimao Technology Co., Ltd. generally communicates with customers to obtain some basic information to provide an idea for corporate website design. What are the general website design processes? The account manager understands the customer needs, and then sorts out the requirements to issue business plans and contracts. After the decision, it entered the design and production stage.


The previous process is roughly the same for each website construction company, and it may not be the same next. The next work of some website construction companies is mainly completed by designers and technicians. That is to say, website construction jumps from business solutions to designers. For experienced designers, this is not a problem, and they can help customers design a suitable website based on their previous experience. But not every designer has a strong understanding and experience, so the connection process is essential. Where is the connection process? The answer is the communication before the project is officially launched. The main purpose is to allow website design demanders, project managers, account managers, designers and technical staff to have a good communication platform, so as to launch the website. The best ideas for design and production.

With the exchange of requirements and ideas, for designers, the website design work becomes easier. Through the outline of the original website, especially some high-fidelity prototype drawings, you can clearly know whether the website design ideas can be implemented. Compared with ideas and viewpoints, the presentation and interpretation of original website pages are more intuitive and realistic. Users can see at a glance whether the page layout and design ideas meet the requirements, and whether their potential website visitors can accept them. In the face of intuitive design prototypes, the communication and improvement of design and creativity will become simpler and more productive.


There are many ways to create original webpages, which can be done with Photoshop drawing software, and even some great technical gods can make great prototypes by hand drawing. But no matter how good the prototype picture is, it cannot be 100% equivalent to a website design. Because the original images are mostly in monochrome or two-color, the actual website is colorful. Due to the color differences, etc., the actual website design must be based on the prototype but not the prototype. From the perspective of the users of the website design demand side, the purpose of the website is to express its design requirements, and to convert the website traffic with a better experience, rather than using a fixed module for stacking.

Website construction company personnel should accumulate experience in the process of communicating the needs with users in order to communicate with users in a more concise and efficient manner, and lay the foundation for the website. Be sure to list outlines and points before communicating with users, and let users confirm them in order, the more perfect the better. So good website design in website construction comes from good communication.

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