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Six basic requirements for a good website

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How to build a website, all programmers are dealing with the website every day, but have you ever thought about the simplest question? Of course, the simplest question has the simplest answer, but is everyone able to How about staying true to your heart?

Do the most basic requirements for the website

First: Positioning

When it comes to positioning, then I have to ask everyone, "Why did you build this website? What was the purpose of this website?" For the long-term development of a website, positioning is crucial. With the positioning done, we can find out where we are heading!

Second: Navigation

After a website is positioned, it is necessary to start the overall layout. The next thing is the beginning. As we are writing, there must be a navigation. Navigation is the title. I swear to people that our website is all Something, which is the overall summary. Good navigation can help users find what they want very quickly, and can improve user experience.

Third: layout

Okay, now that we have the navigation, let ’s talk about the overall layout. How to layout it? In fact, how to layout a website is OK. As long as you know what your website is, you are ready to do the layout. Do you need to design a bit brighter? Or do you want to answer briefly? Or do you want to be more prosperous? This is what you want you to layout based on positioning.

Fourth: Content

The positioning, navigation, and layout are all done. Let ’s make it more important. Content, how to do it? Please imagine what your product is. What product do you make this website for? Then you surround These are the contents of your website.

Fifth: Services

After all the pre-conditions have been met, then we have to say an important question is the service. What kind of content can users gain by browsing your website? It is best to develop in this regard. A little more features can impress users.

Sixth: speed

When surfing the Internet, we open a website. If it is too slow or too slow, we will not be in a good mood. Therefore, this requires that when you do a website, you must put the speed of opening the website first. Solve. Generally, everyone does n’t have that much patience to wait for your webpage. If it does n’t open in more than 8 seconds, then the pageview of this website will be very small and will not attract users' clicks.

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