About Nancy

Xiamen Nancy Network Technology Co., Ltd.

A comprehensive digital high-tech enterprise providing website construction, system development, content analysis and planning, interface, front-end visual design, background program, database development, website integrated marketing plan, and website promotion package.

We focus on high-quality online website visual image packaging and functional business platform system development to help companies create good business value. We continue to accumulate core technologies and Internet thinking experience, provide enterprises with network technology services and integrated marketing services centered on the Internet and mobile Internet, provide customers with responsive website construction, e-commerce platform website development, education consulting website construction, enterprises ERP system development and WEB custom system development solutions.

Realize a complete set of "Internet +" solutions for traditional and service enterprises, and help SMEs to achieve rich, high-end and diversified Internet digital technology services.

Focus on professional
12 years focus on corporate website
Tailored solutions for each customer
Comprehensive technology
Proficient in mainstream languages such as ASP / PHP / .NET / JSP
The main team members have 5 years + professional experience
After sales service
Expert cost-effective after-sales service
Comprehensive supporting
Supporting mainstream products to achieve one-stop service
Our culture

Business philosophy

Dedicated to work, treat others with sincerity

Our technology is designed to help consumers and businesses build efficient online communication bridges, and we believe that communication speaks from the heart. Sincerity is a virtue and a force that leads us beyond shallowness. Be sincere to yourself, be sincere to customers, and use our excellent technology, rigorous attitude to work, and focus on making a project development plan that suits customer positioning.

Development concept

Seek happy growth from continuous self-transcendence

Our real opponent is ourselves. The driving force for self-transcendence comes from learning, sharing, collaboration, innovation within the team, and even the pursuit of happy growth. People who race against themselves are people who don't follow the wave and are people who really do things. Only such people can become outstanding industry leaders.

Service philosophy

Customer satisfaction is the only prerequisite for our service

Satisfying the needs of customers is the only prerequisite for our service. We order our designers to do excellent design in their careers, and market service personnel to provide comprehensive and thoughtful services. With a little investment from our customers, we work very hard to achieve 100% results. We provide value-added services to every day of cooperation with you, whether before, during or after sale.

If you want to go fast, go alone
Go far away
Tell the truth
do as promised
Highest performance today
Minimum requirements tomorrow
Embrace change
In this world
The only constant is change
Learn to grow
A growing heart
Make small but daily progress
Not lazy
Passion and optimism
Positive optimism
never give up
Customers first
Customers are our parents
Customer satisfaction is the number one pursuit
Alwee Chen
Design Director
Web interface design since 2008
Joined Nancy in 2010
Liu Chuang
technical director
Engaged in program development since 2007
Joined Nancy in 2014
Hu Yonghua
Front-end design manager
Engaged in website design since 2004
Joined Nancy in 2008
Devin Luo
Senior front-end engineer
Engaged in website development in 2005
Joined Nancy in 2009
Zhang Xiuxian
Senior programmer
Engaged in web system development since 2005
Joined Nancy in 2008
Lin Ting
Senior Interface Designer
Web interface design since 2012
Joined Nancy in 2013
Xie Yibiao
Front-end engineer
Engaged in front-end technology development since 2012
Joined Nancy in 2015
Li Jiaming
Web designer
Engaged in web design since 2016
Joined Nancy in 2016
Zhuang Qiaomin
Web designer
Engaged in web design since 2016
Joined Nancy in 2017
Lin Zihan
Creative designer
Engaged in creative interface design since 2017
Joined Nancy in 2017
Zhang Huiqi
Creative designer
Engaged in creative interface design since 2017
Joined Nancy in 2017
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